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Mexico Initiatives

In April of 2014, the City of Odessa, in conjunction with the Odessa Hispanic Chamber of Commerce, began a concerted effort to renew partnerships with the State of Chihuahua, Mexico, in order to expand trade between our two countries. The result was the creation of the Mexico Initiatives. The primary purpose of the effort is to expand economic development opportunities between states in Mexico and Odessa.

As a result of the Initiative, the Tri-City Agreement was formalized in 2015. The agreement formalized a partnership among the City of Chihuahua, Chihuahua, and the City of Los Mochis, Sinaloa, in Mexico and the City of Odessa, Texas. The agreement was established to intensify common efforts and to promote the exchange of the experiences and execution of common activities.

Over the last two years, delegations from Odessa and Mexico have traveled numerous times to research and explore possible investment opportunities in each of the cities. Visits have consisted of tours of manufacturing facilities, meetings with government officials and an overall education on each city’s opportunities. This initiative has resulted in potential collaboration in a variety of areas, one of which is increased trade.

The focus areas of trade are agriculture, manufacturing, textiles, minerals and energy. This will allow Odessa to create more job opportunities, increase trade and technology sharing between the two nations, and export locally manufactured products. Mexico has recently de-regulated its’ energy sector from a nationalized industry to a privatized one. The opportunities for the City of Odessa in this realm are vast. Odessa has over 100 years of experience in oil and gas exploration and knowledge that can be shared with Mexico as they begin the development of their newly privatized industry. Odessa can provide them with the most current technology and expertise in the oil and gas industry.

Educational exchange is also a hallmark of the Mexico Initiative. By fostering partnerships with universities, colleges and vocational institutions in Odessa and Mexico, the Initiative can have added value in training their workforce in areas such as petroleum engineering, instrumentation and technology. In exchange, Odessa stands to gain knowledge in manufacturing technology and a globalized business approach.

A distribution center centrally located in Odessa is the ultimate vision of this initiative. Once completed, the economic impact of such a distribution center would be vast. The extensive distribution network that would be created would ultimately make Odessa an international inland port.