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Below you will find information on the demographics in Odessa including population, effective buying income, households by age, per capita income and more.  If you need any more data on our community, just call or email us and we would be glad to send it your way.

Population of Odessa

The population of the area has been steadily rising for a number of years, with the Odessa MSA expanding from fewer than 121,000 persons in 2001 to over 157,000 in 2016 and the Permian Basin Region increasing from approximately 374,000 residents in 2001 to nearly 473,000 in 2016. The rate of growth was somewhat greater during the peak years of the recent oil boom, but has maintained an ongoing pattern of sustained gains.

The population of the area is projected to expand by approximately 57,700 by 2040 and bring the number of residents to over 215,000. Employment is forecast to grow 1.70% yearly through 2040, resulting in over 37,400 net new jobs. Real personal income and real retail sales are projected to increase by 3.81% and 4.13% per year, respectively, a pace that will support modest increases in overall living standards.

For the purpose of comparison, the rate of growth for output (RGP) in Texas is forecast to be 3.25% annually through 2040, with employment in the state expanding at a pace of 1.70% per year.

Population 2015
Odessa-Midland CSA 320,513
Ector County 159,436
City of Odessa 118,968
Midland County 161,077
City of Midland 132,950
Sources: US Census Bureau (Estimated and Adjusted Annually)

Odessa Demographics

The demographic composition of the Odessa MSA has experienced some notable changes over the past five years. The percentage of total population of Anglos has fallen from 40.1% in 2011 to 36.5% in 2015. The Hispanic population as a percentage of the total has risen by 3.25 percentage points from 53.7% in 2011 to nearly 57.0% in 2015. The population in the 65 and older age group as a percentage of the total has also increased over the last few years, rising from 10.3% in 2011 to 11.1% in 2015.

Households by Age of Householder
Ector County Midland County
Under 24 57,231 53,339
25-44 38,290 38,393
45-64 33,037 36,011
65 & Older 14,490 15,779
Sources: *US Dept of Commerce Bureau of Economics:
                   Census Bureau

Effective Buying Income

Effective Buying Income
 2012 Ector County Midland County
Number of Households 49,972 52,634
Effective Buying Income
Total EBI ($000) 2,308,047 3,110,960
Median Household EBI 36,009 43,055
Average Household EBI 46,187 59,106
Per Capita EBI 22,434 31,056
Sources: Neilsen Solution Center 2012
Note: EBI – Effective Buying Income is defined as money income less personal tax payments or “disposable” or “after tax” income.


Odessa Cost of Living

COST OF LIVING INDEX – Provided by The Council for Community and Economic Research

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