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America’s ‘most prosperous’ city is in Texas. It is not Austin…

Posted on June 5, 2018

America’s ‘most prosperous’ city is in Texas. It is not Austin…

You might consider Austin a pretty nice setup. Plenty of sun, a growth rate that cannot be stopped and a wealth of job opportunities.

Despite these prosperous-sounding factors, and despite the whole being named “best place to live in America” for two years in a row thing, Austin is not included on Rent Cafe’s list of the “most prosperous” cities in the country.

In fact, four Texas cities were included in the top 10 and none of them were Austin. Or San Antonio. Or Houston. Or even Dallas.

What does being prosperous even mean? According to Rent Cafe, which looked at factors like income, home value, population and unemployment rate in compiling its list, it’s about how much progress a given city has made in the years since the last census.

Below you can view the top 10 most prosperous cities in the country, according to Rent Cafe’s list:

1. Odessa

2. Washington, DC

3. Charleston, SC

4. Fontana, CA

5. North Charleston, SC

6. Jersey City, NJ

7. Pearland

8. Miami, FL

9. Brownsville

10. Midland

Rent Cafe only included cities with a population exceeding 100,000 and used U.S. Census data for all measurements. You can view the full list of cities here.