Why Odessa is a Great Place to Do Business

Posted on September 13, 2018

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Great Location

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Great Incentives


And Great People

Odessa, Texas is a community with a spirit of growth that is committed to making your business successful. It is located in the Permian Basin, which is the #1 producer of Oil & Gas in the United States. Odessa is the home of many established companies within the oil and gas industry but within other industries as well, and therefore has industrial, technological, and manufacturing support available 24/7.


Odessa’s proximity to major markets within the state of Texas and beyond provides prospective businesses with opportunities for easy domestic and international trade and distribution. Location really is everything, and in Odessa, our centralized location makes us a hub of opportunity for business.


Odessa serves as the crucial midpoint between Fort Worth and El Paso. Odessa is also located in the central part of the United States in the Central Time Zone.  Multi-lane interstate access and an advanced transportation system make shipping goods in and out of Odessa a breeze.  Just take a look at the maps of Odessa and how well we are connected to the rest of the state, the U.S. and the world. Odessa is the epicenter of West Texas commerce.


Arguably the biggest asset to incoming and expanding businesses in Odessa is the Odessa Development Corporation (ODC). Odessa has the positive, growth-centered mindset to aid your business, and so does the ODC. If your business is willing to apply for the lucrative financial incentives available from economic sales tax revenue, the return for your company could be very worthwhile. Qualification for these incentives is based on capital investment and the number of jobs your business creates.


The ODC focuses on Odessa economic development and local business retention and expansion. In addition to those incentives, they provide job creation grants, capital investment grants for businesses seeking to relocate or expand in Odessa. If Texas is considered a state that is economic development-minded, then there is no doubt Odessa could be considered one of the most economic development-focused cities in the state. The ODC aids in the relocation and expansion of multiple businesses to and in Odessa each year.


When Odessa was founded in 1881, the city was just a water stop and cattle-shipping point on the Texas and Pacific railway. Of course, that was a time when ranching was the foremost industry in Texas. When oil was discovered in West Texas in 1926, the city made a drastic change that focused on all things petroleum. The new Texas oil fields needed equipment and support services. Odessa was the closest city by rail, and soon became the hub for oil service, transportation, supply, and manufacturing.


Today, we are no different. We have diversified significantly, but we’re still considered one the major oil field business and technology centers in the world. Ever since, and for nearly a century now, we’ve been on the right side of history. Our legendary culture and citizenry make Odessa a prime location for businesses and families to thrive for years to come.

Wesley Burnett

By: Wesley BurnettDirector of Economic Development for the Odessa Chamber of Commerce

“I write this blog to provide businesses and site selectors from across the country with a source of current information about the benefits and resources the city of Odessa has to offer.”Wesley