ODESSA, Texas — Odessa has taken some big steps in revitalizing their downtown area these past few months, and they’re not done yet.

In addition to two new restaurants coming to downtown, city officials are now planning to develop four more lots.

These lots sit at 222 East 4th Street, 700 North Texas, 500 North Grant and 111 East 5th Street.

They say they are hoping at least one can be an apartment complex, drawing in more people.

“Whether you live in the north, south, east or west, downtown is a place that anyone can go and enjoy dining and entertainment and it’s a part of town that’s important to everyone to continue to revitalize and rebuild,” Assistant City Manager Phillip Urrutia said.

The city plans on releasing the proposal request form to local developers and the public mid-March.

Once it’s open, it’s fair game for anyone with a development proposal to submit their plan within four weeks.

“We’re hoping that it continues private investment. Of course the city partnered up with a private developer, the Eoff family to build the hotel and the convention center and now we’re seeing the private development start to spur in the city with other opportunities and this will allow those opportunities to continue,” Urrutia said.

The city is expecting council to choose developers for all lots by May.

They also have one more lot to clear. Three of the lots are currently empty and the fourth is set to be demolished in the next two weeks.