Labor Statistics

October 2022

Ector County Permian Basin
Total Civilian Labor Force 81,006 Total Civilian Labor Force 251,322
Total Employment 77,608 Total Employment 242,364
Total Unemployment 3,398 Total Unemployment 8,958
Unemployment Rate – Ector County   4.2% Permian Basin Rate             3.6%
Radius of Labor Area – 60 miles

Labor Availability The ability to attract the right skills is critical to the success of any project. Skilled workers are essential for high-end manufacturing and service-oriented projects.  As a result of the most recent Wage Study, labor availability in the Odessa market is currently rated “very good” (8 .52 overall). Labor Quality In addition to the importance of labor availability, finding quality workers is vital to any business. Expanding and locating companies generally seek communities with above average to good quality workers. Odessa labor quality is also rated “good.”