Utility Information

City of Odessa Utilities


The Colorado River Municipal Water District supplies water for Odessa through well and reservoir sources. Odessa has a daily treatment capacity of 65,000,000 GPD and a daily pumping capacity of 65,000,000 GPD. There is overhead storage capacity of 6,000,000 MG with 14,000,000 MG stored in the ground.

The Colorado River Municipal Water District has built a 45-mile pipeline to pump water from the Ward County well fields to its distribution center in Odessa. The pipeline is projected to produce 30 million gallons of water daily.

Water Treatment Plant


Supplier: Oncor
Transmission Voltage: 69 KV, 138 KV, 345 KV
Service Voltage: 120/208, 120/240, 240/480, 277/480

Natural Gas

Supplier: Atmos Energy
BTU Content: 1,000 per cubic foot


Storm Sewer: 5% Coverage of City
Sanitary Sewer: 100% Coverage of City
Treatment Plant: Activated Sludge
Solid Waste Disposal: Mechanical Collection System
GCA Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant: 5.6 MGD