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OUR VIEW: It’s a New Day as Basin Becomes a Powerhouse

Posted on December 7, 2018

THE POINT: Working together will help make our community better, safer and more engaged.


Prospects for a bright future for the Permian Basin just got a lot brighter.

We direct your attention to this guest view piece in which leaders of 17 major energy companies are announcing a unified effort to work with communities to make this region a true oil-producing world powerhouse fueled, in part, by world-class quality of life.

With the creation of the Permian Strategic Partnership, these companies have committed to roll up their sleeves and work alongside stakeholders from throughout the region to tackle critical issues that have hamstrung us for years: the need for safer roads, top-notch schools, quality health care, affordable housing (and enough of it), and an adequate, well-trained workforce.

The group has done its research, not only to confirm these issues, but also to support its collective hunch that all signs point to growth in the Oil Patch that will be more sustained than ever before. The days and years ahead of us will not be visited by the same type boom and bust cycles we have lived through before.

But they are convinced — as are so many of us — that this region will never truly realize its full potential unless we tackle the issues that affect the quality of life here. These companies will be the first to admit solving these problems is not necessarily their specialty. But they are committed to helping the rest of us try.

Folks, this is something so very profound. It means we have world-class energy companies joining us in offering input, help and resources — and a lot of heart — to help make this region a great place to live and work and grow. And it means this region will have a more influential voice in places like Austin and Washington to work for beneficial legislation and policy decisions.

We can’t help but note and applaud the fact that 17 highly competitive energy companies have seen the wisdom in committing to work together to help make this region a place where not only their rival companies can succeed but their employees and everyone else can also thrive.

They are setting an example we hope everyone in this region — city and county governments, school districts, non-profit organizations, and business and community leaders — will strive to emulate. Everyone in Midland and Odessa and everywhere else in this area needs to spend more time finding ways to work together to overcome the challenges that have faced us for so long. The Permian Strategic Partnership is not going to solve our problems for us. Our communities will have to find our solutions by working with each other and embracing the Partnership as a valuable part of our collective efforts.

It is pretty apparent that things in the Permian Basin are never again going to be the way they have always been. We all have to realize that we will never get anywhere around here if we continue to do things the way we always did in the past.

Thanks to the Permian Strategic Partnership, we now have a powerful partner to help us find a better way to a brighter future.